Rick Cochrane Profile.

A self-taught artist who never stops studying and exploring new approaches to his painting voice.  An oil painter, Rick’s work is largely abstracted moving in and around representational art. 

‘The wonder of landscape painting comes from the deeply spiritual connection you make with place and nature. As a painter I think you become a medium between the painting and the soul of place. Painting is always a revelation with the best things often being accidental or perhaps guided mistakes’.

Rick has been a long-term member of Canberra Art Workshop, an artist collective in the Australian Capital Territory where he also tutors drawing, oil painting and print making. For the last 17 years Rick has run a weekly life drawing sessions and find no greater pleasure than nurturing the developing art practices of others.

In October 2023 Rick retired to dedicate himself to his art practice.

2003 Solo Exhibition Rivers Gallery
2005 M16 Drawing prize
2006   M16 Artspace Members Exhibition
2006 Canberra Art Workshop Members Exhibition 
2009 M16 Artspace Members Exhibition
2009 Canberra Art Workshop Members Exhibition
2011 M16 Members Exhibition
2012 Solo exhibition printmaking M16 Artspace
2013 Briscoe Prize: Highly commended
2014 Solo exhibition M16 Artspace
2016  Shared exhibition two artists Bungendore Woodworks Gallery 
2016 Canberra Art Workshop Annual Exhibition
2016 Solo Exhibition M16 Artspace
2017 Shared Exhibition three artists M16 Artspace
2018 Shared Exhibition two artists Bungendore Woodworks Gallery
2018 Canberra Art Workshop Testamur M16 
2020 M16 CAW Testamur Exhibition
2020 CAW On Show Exhibition
2020 Shared Exhibition two artists Bungendore Woodworks Gallery
2021 Shared Exhibition On Show M16 Artspace 
2022 On Show, Profile, and Testamur Exhibitions M16 Artspace
2023 On Show, and Testamur Exhibitions M16 Artspace 

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